An extension spring offers resistance to a pulling force. Many different end configurations or "hooks" are used to secure the spring to the source of the pulling force. Extension springs in wire sizes from .020” to .162” with traditional or exotic hook, loop and leg configurations.


A compression spring offers resistance to compressive forces. Compression springs are normally coiled with a constant body diameter; however, other forms are available such as conical, barrel and hourglass.

Compression springs

wire forms

Extension springs

Our wire forming department has precision machines which are capable of forming round wire from .010" diameter up to .162" diameter wire.

A torsion spring offers resistance to twist or rotationally applied force. On occasion a double torsion spring is formed by connecting a left and right hand wound torsion spring together. 

Shipping and Raw Material

Precision Springs, Helical Springs, also called spring coil 


torsion springs