Precision Springs, Helical Springs, also called spring coil 

GREG hamper

Greg will help expedite your order and assist in technology itergration.

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We have the capability to produce springs and wire forms (compression, extension, and torsion) from .010 to .250 wire diameter. With the combination of CNC and mechanical equipment, we can manufacture from one piece to millions.


​Stacey will be happy to discuss any new customer business, and coordinate customer expectations as they pertain to accounting and services.


​Gary is here as your engineering and quotation expert.


To deliver a quality product on time and to continuously improve our ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


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is the one you need when you need it...

September 2017: 99.63%
12 Month Rolling Average: 98.57%


Cody can be found on the plant floor with the customers engineering springs during the product development stage, or at your site.

  • 1968 - Robert Schultz founded our company (originally called Schultz Mechanical Wire Co. Inc.)
  • 1997 - Spring Team Inc, became our name when purchase by our (then) management team and Richard Kovach.
  • 1998 - Attained our ISO 9001 Certification.

quality record

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 September 2017: 99.66%
12 Month Rolling Average: 99.78%