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  • 1968 - Robert Schultz founded our company (originally called Schultz Mechanical Wire Co. Inc.)
  • 1997 - Spring Team Inc, became our name when purchase by our (then) management team and Richard Kovach.
  • 1998 - Attained our ISO 9001 Certification.


Since 1968, Spring Team has developed and supported customers in diverse market segments creating value through a wide breadth of product and service solutions. We support OEM, specialty and distribution markets through Product Development & Prototypes, Order Program Management, Manufacturing & Assembly, Supply Chain, JIT & Short Run Production. Our Premium Delivery Service with turnaround of less than 5 days, can be utilized when our Standard Lead time of 2-3 weeks just won’t do.

One of our strengths is utilizing the latest spring manufacturing and inspection technology by our staff of trained professionals in spring and wire forming manufacturing. We are able to allow decisions to be made at the lowest possible level and foster an atmosphere to seek continuous improvement throughout the organization using the team approach.

We strive to understand the needs and objectives of our customers through open and clear communication. While you may think of us as only a spring manufacturer, we are much more. We are a diversified partner who can bring you a wide range of springs and services. Our goal is to reduce your lead times and inventory allowing you to “meet and exceed your customers' expectations.”



Spring Team Inc., is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified manufacturer of springs and wire forms.   Our dedication to the philosophy of customer service and continuous improvement of our product and processes are shared by all employees.  Spring Team works diligently to provide the highest level of quality through every aspect, from quoting through contract review to delivery of your product.

Our inspection equipment is maintained by highly trained quality personnel and is calibrated to NIST standards, by certified laboratories.  Our quality personnel work closely with our manufacturing department to help ensure the products we produce meet the most stringent of customer requirements.

Lot traceability does not have to be a concern with Spring Team, Inc.  We maintain lot integrity by applying a unique lot/serial number to each lot of products we manufacture.  This lot/ serial number provides complete lot traceability, from raw material through the shipping of the finished product.  

We are confident that we can meet your quality requirements. Our qualified staff of individuals trained in spring and wire forming manufacturing, are eager to help you with your spring and wire form requirements.

Like many others, we have a Quality/Mission Statement, however ours is not merely a statement, ours is a philosophy we live by.   Only through perseverance and hard-work can we truly accomplish our Quality/Mission Statement:

"To deliver a quality product on time and continuously improve our ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations."

Dave Caskey, Quality Systems Manager
email: DCaskey@springteam.com